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Amateur Radio Emergency Service®

Eastern New York Section

David Galletly KM2O

Section Emergency Coordinator

Eastern New York Section

ENY Training Initiative

Based on models now in use in other sections across the country, ENY is recommending the implementation of a tiered training program for ARES® members in groups throughout the section. While this may be modified as ARRL revises its policies during the present nationwide ARES reorganization, this plan is presented for adoption and use by ENY ARES® groups.

The units are structured in "Taskbook" form similar to that used in qualification for several FEMA Incident Command System (ICS) positions. The Communicator level aligns with the FEMA "RADO" or Radio Operator position under ICS. Each level requires successful completion of the previous level. ARES® Leaders should complete the activities at each level prior to signoff of member taskbooks. Communicator and Intermnediate Level requirements are based entirely on free online FEMA courses or demonstration of skills to the satisfaction of qualified ARES® leaders. Other learning which may require any fee based examination is limited to the Advanced Communicator Level. FEMA Online training is available at the FEMA Emergency Management Institute. EMI courses require a free FEMA Student Identification Number available here. Certificates showing successful completion of a course will be accepted for taskbook signoff purposes.


Information on the program, how Taskbooks are used, evaluation standards and checklists useful for the various aspects of activations.

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Communicator (RADO)

Entry level into the ARES® organization, assumes certain skills by virtue of obtaining an Amateur Radio license, demonstration of equipment familiarity and FEMA ICS training.

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Intermediate Communicator

Set of base level of validated skills desired by Eastern New York Section ARES®

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Advanced Communicator

Increased skill set validation along with additonal training courses recommended for qualification of leadership positions and/or voluntary inclusion in an ARES® Mutual Assistance Team (ARESMAT). NOTE:IS-802 is no longer required if IS-800.c has been completed.

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Jump Kit Information

While there is no "one size fits all" approach to a jump or go kit, here are some links with ideas on putting together deployment kits required for Intermediate and Advanced levels.

Go-Kit Article WEB

ARES 24 hour checklist WEB

ARES 72 hour checklist WEB

Installing Anderson Powerpoles

You Tube Video by W2AEW


A series of You Tube Video tutorials by K4REF on setting up and using Narrow Band Emergency Messaging System (NBEMS) and the fldigi suite of programs


A series of You Tube Video tutorials by K4REF on setting up and using Winlink and the Winlink Express program


Last Update: 06/09/2018