I has been my pleasure to hand out a couple more awards recently.  These are Amateurs who have completed one or more of the ENY ARES Taskbooks.   Once you have completed a Taskbook, let your EC, DEC, the SEC or SM know and one of us will sign off on your achievement.


Gerald W. Murray WA2IWW completed Level 1 Communicator (RADO)

Randall C. Stein KL7TJZ completed Level II Communicator

Marc Gorsage WA2FON Level I  Communicator (RADO)


Congrats to all!  Are you next?  

I am thrilled to announce that last Saturday at the ENY Section Hudson Division meeting with Mike Lisenco N2YBB,  I officially welcomed James Mac Murray N2UZQ as an ASM for the Northern District.  I now have an ASM for each District to help with ARRL activities in the section.  Thanks to my entire staff for the work you guys are doing.   We are making this section one of the most active in the entire country!  Please see the CONTACTS page for the complete list.  73 de

John  K2QY

One thing I have noticed as I have attended the various hamfests this spring and summer is the warm welcome I have received and the people who have showed up to help with the ARRL booth.  This picture is from the July 1st Hamfest in White Plains, NY.   It was held by the Metro 70cm Network.  Special thanks to Carl Everts N2VQP to making my job easier!  Our Division Director Mike N2YBB and Linda K2QYL both helped with my booth.  The Southern ASM Tom Raffaelli WB2NHC also spent a few hours helping.  Photos from other Hamfests are available on the NEWS page.

If your club is having a Hamfest, let me know and I will make it a point to be there!

73 de

John K2QY


With the winter weather I have been kind of staying close to home these past few weeks.  I did visit SMARA  Schenectady Museum ARA) on January 18th and EGARA (East Greenbush ARA) on February 14th.  Both clubs asked me to speak on projected changes in the ENY Section, ARRL issues, and recent ARES changes.  Now that winter is loosening its grip, I hope to venture a little further afield.

I will be speaking at Warren Co. RACES on February 26th, and on March 22nd I have been asked to address the Watervliet Library on an introduction to Amateur Radio.  The start time is about 6:30PM for that.  This talk is open to the public, so encourage your non-ham friends to attend.

Lastly, on March 3rd and 4th I will be assisting the “Hams That Care” technician class.  I will be teaching electronic theory and also serving as a VE on Sunday.

Upcoming important events:

February 24th — Northern District ARES meeting at the Clifton Park Public Library

April 29th — Orange County HamFest

Best 73 de