Here is a webpage which is maintained by the York State Board of Elections.

Your Elected Offficals

If you enter your home street address, it provides the following information:

Your NYS Senator
Your NYS Member of Assembly
Your Member of Congress
Your two US Senators

OH…..and “looky looky” who’s address I have put in as default!

Tips for Writing Effective Letters to Elected Officials

  • Use plain white paper. Make sure that the writer’s complete name and street address appear on the letter.
  • Letters may be typed or written in longhand. Keep in mind that letters written in longhand are every bit as effective, if not more so, than typed letters, as long as they are legible.
  • Remember to keep your writing brief and polite. Ask a friend to proofread your letter for spelling and grammar before you send it.
  • The purpose of the letter must be clearly stated. The best letters are concise, direct, and straightforward. Do not beat around the bush.
  • Above all, be polite. Never threaten or attempt to intimidate. Kindness and tact pay off big.
  • Never fail to say, “Thank you for your time and attention.”
  • The correct letter closing for all correspondence is “Sincerely yours,”